For Those Who Would Like To Create Worlds ASAP! — Setting Up A Template World, Main Screen, And (Sample Project)

This article will be going through how to set up a Template World to quickly ease into world creation in cluster and the use of sample projects with prefabricated assets (prefabs) useful to place — distributed to those who would like to start world creation by Cluster, Inc.

*This article is for those who already have a version of Unity that corresponds to cluster. For those who would like to install Unity, please check this article(English…Coming Soon).

The Outline of This Article

This article will be introducing the set up method for Unity Project, distributed by Cluster, Inc.

1.“Template World” includes an already completed game world and various assets

2.“Sample Project” includes cluster original prefabs such as “Main Screen” and “Comment Board” that can be used in worlds and events

World Creation — Setting Up a Template World

You can easily prepare for world creation by using the “Template World” distributed by Cluster, Inc.!

“Template World” is a Unity Project that provides a template for game world production for cluster.
This makes it possible to create a game world by yourself adding your personal flair without worrying of starting from scratch.

Other than the ability to begin tinkering with world creation, in instances of uploading assets included in the project, you can freely use them without the need to credit someone.

Explanations on the details of each type of Template World are given here(English…Coming Soon). Please check it out if you are curious!

Shooter/Rides/Main Screen
Currently “Athletic”, “Progression”, “Shooter”, and “Rides” are the five distributed templates

Set Up Method

Setting it up is simple!
Just download the ‘Template World’ Unity Project and add it to Unity.
For those who are unsure of the steps to take, we have an explanation below!

  • Please click the link below to download the ‘Template World’ Unity Project

Please use the recommended Unity version as indicated in the Creator Kit Document (Updated 2022/7/18: Unity 2021.3.4f1). Please note that uploading worlds on versions other than the recommended will lead to the inability to enter the world.

  • Open the downloaded zip file of the project

For those who have not yet installed the appropriate Unity version and UnityHub, please read this article.

  • Once the appropriate Unity version and UnityHub have been installed, open UnityHub
  • Once started up, Click “Open” on the top right
  • You will be able to select a folder once “Open” has been clicked, choose the ‘Template World’ Unity Project folder
    • *Be sure you click on the folder instead of the contents inside the folder

If the selected folder name is displayed under Projects, you have successfully added it!

You will be able to begin world creation right away, once you open the project!

If you would like an already completed Template World to be displayed,

  • Select “Playground”, “Progression” or “Shooter” inside “ClusterCreatorKitTemplate”, and click the file inside “Scenes” (Images from “Progression”)

You can also create worlds by making alterations to the templates!
Please read the article below if you are unable to upload your world.

Setting Up a Main Screen and Comment Board  — Using Prefabs in ‘Sample Project’

Other than the Template World, we have distributed ‘Sample Project’ with prefabs such as the main screen and comment board which can be useful in events on cluster.

Main Screen
A screen that can display photos taken on cluster, as well as PDFs, images and videos uploaded on the website
Comment Board
A screen that records the chat history of the world or event

You are able to create your own prefabs using the Creator Kit but it may be easiest to use the already distributed prefabs.

Set Up Method

This is also quite simple to set up!
Download the Unity Project, “Sample Project”, and add the “ClusterVR” folder into Unity.

We’ll be explaining the steps for this below too!

Add The Folder in Unity

  • Download the Unity Project, “Sample Project” from the link below
  • Open the downloaded zip file of the project
  • Open a project with a completed world for cluster
  • Open the unzipped “ClusterCreatorKitSample-master” folder and go into “Assets”, and drag and drop “ClusterVR” into the project

If the “ClusterVR” folder is displayed in the Project section of Unity like the photo below, you are done!

Installation of a Main Screen and Comment Board

Now, onto installing the Main Screen and Comment Board

  • Open the now imported“ClusterVR” folder and open “Prefabs” in “StaticResources”.

“StandardMainScreen” is the Main Screen and “StandardCommentScreen” is the Comment Board in this “Prefabs” folder.

Now, all you need to do is place these prefabs!

  • Select the prefab you want to place and drag into “Hierarchy”

Now you’ve successfully placed it!
You are free to change the position and size, please place them as you wish.

Doing an Operation Test on Unity

For those who are curious of whether or not the Main Screen and Comment Board are fully functioning, you can do an operation test on Unity!

  • From the toolbar on your top of your screen, go to “Cluster > Preview > ControlWindow” and click on “Preview Control Window”
  • Click on the “▶︎” sign in the Unity Menu bar and in the Play state, go into “Preview Control Window” to do an operation check
  • For the Main Screen during the “Preview Control Window” state, if you click on “Project Sample Image” and a white Cluster, Inc. logo is displayed,it is fully functioning
Project Sample Image
  • For the Comment Board during the “Preview Control Window” state, if you type what is shown in the image below, click “Send Comment” and the comment is correctly displayed, it is fully functioning

Once you’ve done your operation test, now to upload the world!

For those who have trouble uploading, please check the article below

There are many more useful assets for cluster in the “Template World” and “Sample Project”. Please tinker with them once you’ve downloaded the projects!Also, CreatorsGuide has more useful guides and helpful articles on world creation so be sure to check this(English…Coming Soon) as well!

Uploading Your World Onto cluster

Nice work producing your world!
Soon you will be able to experience your own world in cluster!

This chapter will go through how to upload your world onto cluster.

Acquiring “API Access Token” from the cluster Website

“API Access Token” is a token to identify which account to upload the world from.
It is an important aspect of uploading a world.

  • First open the cluster website.
  • Click the icon on the top-right and select “Access Token”. Click on “Create Token” to acquire one.
  • Open Unity once you have acquired the “API Access Token”.
  • Unity with “Cluster Creator Kit” installed will have “Cluster” displayed in the menu bar at the top.
  • Select “ワールドアップロード” in “Cluster” and enter the “API Access Token”.
  • Then, click on “このトークンを使用”.

Uploading Your World from Unity

Now onto uploading the world.
Good work! Otsukare!
Add a thumbnail, world name and explanation of the world!

  • Click on “新規作成” from “Cluster” located on the top Unity menu bar
  • Add a Thumbnail (mandatory), World Name (Optional), and World Explanation (Optional)and click on the upload button to upload your world on cluster.
    • *You must press the ‘Save’ button for the ”World Name” and “Explanation” to be updated

Please check the article below if you have problems with uploading

Reviewing the World on cluster

The “My Contents” should be displayed on your browser once uploading is completed. 
In “My Contents”, you can check your world publishing status and can freely change the Thumbnail, World Name, and World Explanation.

Your world is set as private when you upload your world.

You can publicize your world as its incomplete form or review and revise your world before sharing it to the public. You are free to choose!

You are the only person who can check your world when status is set to private.

From today, you’re a world creator!