Distributing “Cluster Worlds Tools” Packed With Useful Features To Support World Creation!

We will be publishing extension features to support world creation using the Cluster Creator Kit (CCK)!
We have compiled useful features for debugging and reducing size. This article will be introducing how to use these features.

Each tool can be accessed through “WorldTools” added in the menu bar.

Set Up Method

Click the button below to download “ClusterWorldTools.unitypackage” and import it into a Unity project already set with CCK.

Explanation of the Features

Layer Auto-Set

Automatically assembles usable layers for worlds.

Trigger Monitor

You can check the trigger values while in Preview mode. You are able to extract and display these by key searching and item searching.
Values for Integer and Float data types are displayed as is and Bool data types are displayed as 0 or 1.
Signal data types will be displayed in green after modification.

Texture Import Settings

When importing a texture, the maximum size limit and compression format for mobile is automatically set. You are able to select the PC and Mobile size limit and compression quality for mobile.

In the initial state this feature is inoperative. You must put a check on “制限を適用 (Apply Restrictions)” in the settings window to automatically apply this.

*Settings will automatically be applied but after alterations to settings, there is a need to re-import/
*These settings will be shared with all projects. When enabled, installation in other projects will be enabled from the beginning.

Error Review

Causes of frequently seen bugs and errors will be examined and listed in Console. Some will be automatically fixed.
By clicking on the errors and warnings displayed in Console, you will be able to examine the object in question.

Updates in Version1.1
・Items checked for and fixed have increased
・When executed, Console is automatically put in focus

Cluster Creator Kit Object Creation

By right-clicking Hierarchy or through the GameObject menu, you are able to create basic components of CCK.

Audio Licenser Automatic Deletion

When setting up a camera in a world, the Audio Listener Component is automatically deleted.

Web Trigger Generation (Easy)

The Key of Bool and Signal types can be listed and displayed from the in-Scene gimmick component. You can select these and write JSON files for Web Triggers.

Written JSON files can be loaded and used in the Web Trigger window accessible from the Event page or Editor.

Other than use in events, it is also recommended for operating simple gimmicks during debugging.

Web Trigger Generation (Detailed)

It is possible to write JSON files for Web Triggers with more in-depth settings. Other than writing it yourself, by loading an object with a gimmick component, you are able to automatically input several items. Loading existing JSON files is also possible.

This has more items to set up, making it possible to create complex Web Triggers.For more details on Web Triggers, please read the Official Cluster Creator Kit Document.

Key Search (Version1.1)

Displays the list of Keys used in the scene.
By clicking the key name, a list of triggers and gimmicks referring to the Key is displayed. Clicking this will enable you to select objects in the Hierarchy.

Trigger Issuing (Version1.1)

Only usable in Preview.
By selecting an object with a gimmick component in the Hierarchy, you can issue an optional trigger value.
Signal/Bool/Integer/Float/Double types are supported. Vector2/Vector3 types are not supported.

Use these features to your advantage to increase efficiency during world creation!