cluster Is THE Place To Do Events Virtually! Basic Information On “Events” In cluster And A Summary Of Useful Features

A large number of events are being hosted in cluster.
We are working on updates for practical event-related features as we speak, but we have gathered basic information on the characteristics of events in cluster at this point in time.

Please suggest this article to those who are interested or might show interest in events in cluster!

The Prominent Feature of Events in cluster is the “Accessibility”

You are able to join any world or event using your smartphone, PC, or VR devices.
If you want to experience a world you entered with your phone on VR, that’s possible — making cluster’s most distinctive characteristic, its accessibility.

The Essential Difference Between “Events” and “Worlds”

By hosting events, you are able to use various features normally inaccessible in the world.
Below we have listed the major differences between “Events” and “Worlds”.

Use Worlds Created by Various Creators as Venues

Other than the default event venues prepared by cluster, user-created worlds that have enabled “Event Use” can be used as venues as well.
Hosting an event in your favorite world may be a great option.

Features Available in Events

Staff and Guests

Roles and privileges vary with the event feature with three fundamental groups, Staff, Guest and General Participant (G.P.). This makes mishaps like accidental operations by General Participants unlikely to occur.


The ‘Ghost’ state (Hidden From View) can be set to any staff including yourself.

Ban Specific Users

Problematic users such as those impeding an event from progressing can be banned from the event page on the website. (Staff Only)

Grant Guest Privileges Mid-Event

Guest privileges can be granted during the event.

Create Areas and Features only Available to “Staff” and “Guests”

There are components for events in the Cluster Creator Kit for world creation through Unity. By using these features, you can restrict access to General Participants, creating an area for ONLY Staff and Guests.

Perform Web Triggers from the cluster Website

In addition, we offer Web Trigger features that change the atmosphere of the venue as the event progresses.

Mic Audio Adjustments

Only Staff and Guests can speak through the mic.
However, there are settings that allow General Participants the ability to use their mic, making events vastly different depending on the scene.

Change the Way Audio from Staff and Guests are Heard

There are two options for how voices are heard when staff and guests speak. “Everyone can hear” “Proximity chat”
It is possible to use the two depending on the scene of the event.

Allow Mic Control for General Participants

You can give mic rights without granting Staff and Guest privileges.
For example, you can do a talk event where the speaker changes as the event progresses!

Concerning Other Audio Components

We are currently working on various updates to vary the use of audio components.

Carry Out “Music Registration” to Use Audio You Prepared Without Any Personal Contracts or Usage Payments

Cluster, Inc. has a blanket contract with JASRAC and NexTone, making it unnecessary to write individual contracts or pay fees for using self-prepared audio.
However, there is a need to register the International Standard Musical Work Code for audio on cluster when using songs under their management.

Set Up a Sub-Audio Input System

Other than audio input from the microphone, there is another feature for sending out audio.
You are able to use this by setting it up in the world. It’s possible to make changes to the Audio Source settings, making different expressions possible.

Connecting Social Media Platforms

By making alterations to settings, you can connect Twitter or YouTube to cluster.

Syncing YouTube Live Comments

By setting a YouTube URL, comments from YouTube Live will displayed in the cluster in-app chat.

Automatically Set Dedicated Hashtags When Sharing Photos on Twitter from Your Smartphone

When a participant of the event posts a picture on Twitter, you can have hashtags set on the event page that are automatically added to the tweet.

Cameraman Mode/Pro Cameraman Mode Feature

A feature only staff can use during events, you are able to operate the camera like a drone or in fixed action.

If there is lag, you may lighten this by making unnecessary staff members ghosts, such as the cameraman.

Other Features

There are other features accessible in events.

Survey Feature

You are able to display surveys in the venue as well as check and show the results on the spot. A feature you might want to use in Quiz events.

Please Feel Free to Host Events Anytime!

With cluster, you can easily whip up various types of events depending on how inventive and creative you are.

If you are curious about the types of events you can host, why not check out the Event Page in cluster and join some events!

How to Create an Event

If you’ve got an event planned out, please create and host the event!