Projecting PDFs and Videos, Screen Sharing, And Even As A Stage Effect! Practically Use The Screen

By uploading images, videos, and PDF files in advance, you can project them on the screen in Cluster. Also, screen sharing is possible as well.

By using this feature, presenting information during events becomes easier!
You can simply place screens using the Cluster Creator Kit or World Craft.
Also, by utilizing screens in your world, you can change the atmosphere of the world. Try experimenting with screens yourself!

To use a screen in World Craft, there is a need to place a specific item.

There are 7 items, as listed below, distributed by Cluster that have the screen function.
Each item can be added and placed by selecting them from the item list of the craft item bag. Try looking for them in the package and item category of the craft item “bag”.

In addition, other than the officially distributed items, you can purchase items with the screen feature made by creators from the World Craft Store. Try searching for an item that fits your world!

To place screens using Unity, you need the Cluster Creator Kit. The article referenced below has download links for the template and sample project.Check this article for information on installing projects.

  • Let’s open the Template and Sample Project and place the screen.
  • Place the screen by dragging & dropping the “StandardMainScreen” from ClusterVR > StaticResources > Prefabs, into the Scene view.

Also, by installing the world creation tool, “Cluster World Tools”, placing screens will become much easier. Please refer to the article below on installation methods.

  • You can check how the screen is seen on Unity by using the Cluster Creator Kit editor feature!
  • First, click on the “▶” button to start Scene playback
    • Next, open the “Preview Control Window” from Cluster > Preview > ControlWindow from the Unity menu bar
    • Find the “メインスクリーン” category and click on the “サンプル画像を投影” button to project an image on the screen

Try to make your original model into a screen!
In this article, we will omit the explanation of creating models. Expand the UV of the area you want to make into a screen to the UV coordinates and unwrap.

  • Export the model after unwrapping the UV and import it into Unity.
  • First, add “Standard Main Screen View” from “Add Component” on the imported model. We will keep the model scale value to (1, 1, 1) so place a check in “Use Custom Aspect Ratio”.
  • Next, from Inspector, change the Shader from ClusterVR > InternalSDK > MainScreen.
  • We recommend the Material Shader included in the Sample Project, ClusterVR > InternalSDK > MainScreen. There are cases when other shaders are not correctly displayed.

Not only can you just project images and videos on screens, but also use them as decorations for your world!
In this article, we will introduce three worlds that utilize screens.

Screen De Athletic by TY5588

This was made by using World Craft items with the screen feature. The floor, walls, and athletic footholds mirror the colorway of the screen making the world look very lively.

DJClubhouse “HEXA” by whatwat

This is a world for live music. This world is made so that depending on the video you play during the live, the color and atmosphere of the venue change drastically. Enjoy the music through audio and visual effects!

screen puzzle by abisa02

The last world we’ll be introducing is a puzzle game world utilizing the videos and images projected on the screen. This can be played multiple times by changing what is projected!

Just by changing how you use the screen, there are an infinite number of possibilities for expressing your creativity! Please try and use the screen when creating your world.