Make Your Self-Made Accessories Wearable In cluster!

In cluster, it is possible for avatars to wear accessories.

The accessory feature only provided official wearables until the update on November 29th, but post-11/29 you are now able to create your own accessories and upload them!

In this article, we will go through the steps from uploading self-made models to product registration of accessories.

 Preparing an Item to Upload (Modeling Software)

Check the Accessory Restrictions

First, prepare the accessory you want to upload.
There are restrictions such as the size and usable shader (“MToon” only) for uploadable accessories. Please check the restrictions.

Try Modeling with Creators Guide

Although there may be people who already have a model ready to upload, it’s possible some want to try uploading an accessory from scratch.

We have a few articles on modeling in Blender. Please refer to the article below!

Today, we have made a 3D model of the cluster logo as our accessory.

Update Cluster Creator Kit to its Latest Version

We will be going through how to upload your accessory from here.
To use the ‘accessory uploading feature’, you will need the latest version of the Cluster Creator Kit.

For those who have not yet installed the Cluster Creator Kit, we recommend the article below.

For those who have already installed the Cluster Creator Kit, please review the update instructions in the article(English… coming soon) below and update the Cluster Creator Kit to its latest version!

Uploading an Accessory (Unity)

Now you are prepared and ready to upload your accessory. Next, let’s open Unity and try uploading an accessory.

Importing a Model into Unity

First, import your chosen model into Unity. For those who are using Blender, please refer to the article(English… coming soon) below!

To import your model into Unity, just drag & drop into the “Project” window.
Once imported, your model should be displayed in “Project” as shown below.

Drag & drop the imported model into either “Scene” or “Hierarchy”. Try placing it into “Scene”.

Seems we’ve successfully imported it!

As we’ll go through later in this section, preparing an empty “GameObject” and setting the 3D model and another GameObject for the collider will make adjusting easier!

Prefab-ing the Accessory

There is a need to prefabricate the accessory in order to upload it.
Prefab-ing is quite easy.

Drag & drop your chosen object from “Hierarchy” into “Project”. By doing so, Prefab will be produced in the “Project” window.

If the icon and text color has changed of the object in “Hierarchy” after the Prefab has been created, the process was successful!

Adding a “Accessory Item” Component onto the Accessory

We’re almost there!

Next, add an “Accessory Item” component onto the accessory.
By adding this onto the parent GameObject, adjusting will become easier later on!
An “Item” component will automatically be added when set.

Please enter the necessary information when the setting menu below appears.

A clear and detailed name indicating the features/characteristics of the accessory is recommended as the “Item Name”

Setting a Shader on “MToon”

For accessories, “MToon” is the only applicable shader. For this reason, color adjustments should be done after changing “MToon”.

It is easy to change the shader.
Other than the button that automatically sets one in the “Accessory Item” component, you are able to change it from “Inspector” in Materials.

“VRM/MToon” is in the latest Cluster Creator Kit version. For those who have downloaded them independently, please delete them and use the ones included in the Cluster Creator Kit.

Uploading the Accessory

Now only to upload.
A familiar view for those who have created worlds, open the ‘Cluster’ menu at the top and select “Accessory Upload”. (Shown in the image below)

By selecting this, an accessory upload window should pop up. Add the accessory you would like to upload into the window to upload onto cluster.

After adding your accessory in this window, please select “Upload”.
If the website pops up, your upload was successful.

There is no need for product application when using your own accessory. Once uploaded, try wearing it yourself!

Guidance When Creating an Accessory

Lastly, we have summarized some tips on accessory creation.

It’s Best to Create a Parent “GameObject” for Adjusting

When creating in cluster, create a parent GameObject and place content (e.g. the object, shader) in it to make adjusting easier later on.

It’s Fine for the Size to be Set as 0

Unlike Craft Items, the ‘Size’ of the “Item” component can be left as 0.

Determine the Position and Direction of the Default Bone

You are able to set a default position for your accessory when first worn. You are able to make more complex adjustments in cluster but we recommend you to set a default position for the accessory!

The Positive Z-Axis is the Front Profile of the Item

The positive z-axis (front portrait) of the accessory on Unity is the same for cluster. You can adjust the direction in cluster, however, we recommend you set the intended direction yourself.

The Shader is “MToon Shader“

“MToon Shader” is the only applicable shader for accessories.
“MToon” is included in the latest version of Cluster Creator Kit, so we recommend deleting “MToon” if you have downloaded it independently.

For World Creators

Set “Accessory” and “AccessoryPreview” on “CullingMask” of “Realtime Light” which illuminates on avatars.
In worlds which this is not set, there are cases where accessories are displayed black.