Solutions To Frequently Faced Problems During World Creation

If You Are Unable To Open Unity Projects

The Sample Project distributed officially by cluster is normally in ZIP format. You will not be able to open the file in this format.
Use the appropriate unzip method for your computer to unzip and open the project.

When using Unity Hub, you will be displayed the hierarchy of each project folder as shown below. If your project folder is not in the same hierarchy, you are unable to open the project. If you are facing this problem, check the location of the folder.

If You Are Unsuccessful In Uploading A World

Error In The Console Log

This error log will be fixed by restarting Unity. There is no problem with the upload.

The C# script ‘AllskyFree_Menu.cs’ of Unity asset “AllSky (Free)” is causing the problem.
By deleting ‘AllskyFree_Menu.cs’ from Assets > AllSkyFree, this can be solved.

The C# script ‘FirstPersonController.cs’ in Unity asset “Standard Assets” is causing the problem.
By deleting ‘FirstPersonController.cs’ from Assets > Standard Assets > Characters > FirstPersonCharacter > Scripts, this can be solved.

Having ‘Configurable Enter Play Mode’ turned ON is the problem.
Turn “Enter Play Mode Options” OFF from Edit > Project Settings > Editor.

Built-in textures (such as Default-Checker-Gray) under the folder, Resources > unity_builtin_extra, cannot be used in iOS so please use other textures.

This error is seen when you are using old hardware.
Disable ‘Anti Aliasing’ from Edit > ProjectSetting > Quality > Inspector to solve this problem.

This error is seen when you are using Post Processing Stack v1 in Unity2018.3 and later versions.
Delete Post Processing Stack v1 and use Post Processing Stack v2 if necessary.

Error In The World Upload Window

If any of the following: PreProcess, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, PostProcess, has ‘failed’, the Unity Project you are working on may not have Build Support properly installed. Please check this article for the installation method of Build Support.

In addition to this, to check which modules are in your currently used version, check from Unity Hub > インストール (Install) > Creator Kit ドキュメントに記載の推奨バージョンの三点リーダ (Introducing Unity Ellipsis) > モジュールを加える。 (Add Module)

There are occasions when an error occurs by having an unnecessary script (C# cannot be used in cluster) in the project, if installing all necessary Build Support does not work, please check this as well.

In your upload scene, there is a “MainCamera” tag placed.
If the camera is unneeded in the world, please delete it.
If you would like to use it as a gimmick in the world, change your MainCamera tag to ‘Untagged’. By setting a camera in a world you fix the player’s vision so please have that in mind.

Change the Tag in Inspector When Placing a Camera

Unity Force Quitting With “!” Mark Window Pop Up

To deduce the reason, please see whether you can upload the bare minimum. Download the Sample Project, then open and upload the Minimal sample from ‘Scene’.
There is a problem with the project if you are able to upload the minimum configuration. If you are unable to upload it, there is a high possibility that the system itself, is causing the problem.

Unity frequently produces Log files so you can check the reason for crashing through these. Logs are saved in the following places.

  • macOS:~/Library/Logs/Unity/Editor.log
  • Windows:C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Unity\Editor\Editor.log (Your username is displayed in username)

This log is overwritten every time you restart Unity and so you must check Unity post-crash.

Open the Editor.log file through Text Editor and search the ‘Crash’ character string. An error message may be displayed near this character string or a file may have loaded prior to the crash. The Editor.log has private information such as the PC User name. Please be careful when showing others.

There are occasions when crashes occur due to the project having a non-Cluster Creator Kit relevant script file (Even if it is not used in the world, there are effects just by having it in the project. You are also unable to use other scripts (e.g. C#) other than the Cluster Creator Kit in worlds for cluster.) Try deleting the unnecessary script files.

In Windows, there are occasions when building fails because the folders hierarchy is too deep or folder names and file names are too long.

Check whether names are too long and move projects under the C Drive, shallow in the folder hierarchy.

If the file path is too long as the image above, move files under the C Drive to shorten the file path

Crashes may occur due to system malfunctions like the OS. Please update your OS, DirectX or graphics driver to its latest version.

PCs with small memory capacity or having multiple applications open at once may lead to crashes due to the inability to allocate memory. Check the Task Manager (for Windows) to see your memory usage status.

There is a possibility building is failing due to the lack of disk space, such as HDD or SSD. Delete unneeded files to free space.

If The World Turns Pitch Black Under Specific Situations

Under certain circumstances, areas in a world may show up black.

In this case, changing light settings will fix this.

Changing ‘Environment Lighting > Source’ may solve this issue.


From ‘Lighting’ displayed on the right-hand side of Unity, look for ‘Environment Lighting > Source’ below Environment and change the settings to ‘Color’ or ‘Gradient’.

You will be able to change colors after this.
The selected color will be the color of shadows. If you would like to brighten it, select a color close to white.

Accessory Related Problems