Try Making Your World With “World Craft”, Which Allows You To Create Worlds On Your Smartphone!

What is World Craft?

World Craft is a feature in the cluster app for creating your world.

You can create and upload your built world without using any external application such as Unity.
It is multi-platform accessible, making it easy to begin the creation process for anyone. Also, there is a multiplay feature enabling world creation to be done with friends.

This article will be going through how to use World Craft.
For those who would like to try world creation but are hesitant about using Unity, please use this opportunity to create your world with the World Craft feature!

How to Begin World Craft

World Craft is accessible on all platforms: Smartphones, PC, and VR.

On the Smartphone, you can begin World Craft from the World Craft Icon in the starting menu or the menu bar after joining a World or Event.

If you are placed in a world similar to the one shown in the image below, you are ready to begin World Craft! (Image shows the display for smartphones and tablets)

Operating World Craft

You can make your world by combining items from the item list in World Craft.
Items can be moved and rotated enabling numerous ideas and worlds. Before beginning, we’ll be explaining the basic controls.

Play Mode and Craft Mode

There are two modes, Play Mode and Craft Mode in World Craft. When you first enter the world, you are set in Craft Mode.

The differences between the two are as followed:

  • Craft mode
    • Place, move, and rotate items
      • Using your camera will switch the mode to Play Mode, so please be careful
  • Play Mode
    • Usual controls as you enter a world
  • Select the Toggle Button to switch modes

Placing Items

Select an item you would like to place from the item list to have it displayed semi-transparent in the world.
By tapping the UI (for smartphones/tablets), you will be able to place the item.

Moving Items

You can move the item if the item is displayed translucently. The point where the reticle is positioned is the place you can place your item.

The reticle is always displayed at the center and so moving the line of sight of your avatar will move your reticle.

Rotating Items

You can rotate items when they are displayed semi-transparent.

By tapping on the UI displayed on the left (as shown below), you can rotate items 90º at a time.
Furthermore, you can change the rotation pattern by changing the 3 axes.
Tapping the icon in the UI will change the axis of rotation.

Copying Items

You can copy items you have placed.
The orientation of the item you copy is also the same and so when placing multiple items, it is necessary. Tap on the UI as shown below when your reticle is set on the item, to copy.

Deleting Items

You can delete items you have already placed.
Place the reticle on the item you would like to delete and click on the icon on the right of your screen.

“Bag” and “Item Set List” For Managing Craft Items

Even with the craft items distributed by Cluster, Inc. in World Craft, there are a large number of items. The ‘Bag’ and ‘Item Set List’ feature manages these items.

The Bag groups craft items based on category and package. The selected items from the Bag can be set into the Item Set List, making the creation process easier and more efficient.

Changing the Sky, Brightness, and BGM of the World

Change important aspects of building atmosphere, the Sky, Brightness, and BGM of the world. These settings can be changed from the World Environment Settings, using the presets provided.

Inviting Friends to Check the World

World Craft has a multiplayer feature enabling world creation with friends. Meaning, you can invite friends over to a world before publishing it.

A friend can check out your world and give advice! You can even make adjustments on the spot.

You can invite friends through the ‘Members’ Button on the World Description Page.
Also, by accessing the menu while creating your world, you can add members from the ‘Manage Members’ menu.

  • Once in the ‘Member’ menu, select “Add Member” to invite a friend into the craft world
Add Member from the App
Add Members from World/Events

Uploading the World

If you’re a perfectionist, there may be no end, but try uploading your world after you’ve tweaked your world to a certain point.

Anyone can enjoy your world once you upload your world! You can update your world at any point after you publish your world, so why not just upload it first?

You can upload the world from the app or a world or event.

Uploading from the App

  • Select the world you would like to upload from World Craft and open the World Description page
  • From the World Description page, select “Publish World”
  • You can set a ‘Thumbnail’, ‘World Name’, ‘Category’, and ‘Description’, so add a creative world name and description
  • After filling in the necessary information, select “Publish World”

If a “World Published” screen appears, you are finished with uploading the world!

Uploading from an Event or World

  • Select the three-bar menu icon on the top left of the screen and select “World Craft”
  • Select the world you would like to upload from the “World Craft” menu
  • After opening the World Description page, select “Publish World”
    • (If you are currently in the process of creating the world you would like to upload, select “Publish World” on the right-hand side)
  • You can set a ‘Thumbnail’, ‘World Name’, ‘Category’, and ‘Description’, so add a creative world name and description
  • After filling in the necessary information, select “Publish World”

If a “World Published” screen appears, you are finished with uploading the world!

Now you’ve uploaded your world in cluster easily with just a smartphone. Not only have we prepared items to create a house, but also things such as a bar or shop as well. Please use the items as you like and create an infinite number of possibilities!

After uploading your world, invite people over or maybe host an event!