Selling Craft Items and Accessories In Your World — Using Product Display Items

Those living outside of Japan can sell items in the store and obtain V Items in an event. However, currently, the payout of obtained V Points can only be done with a bank account in Japan.
At this time, we do not support payout with a bank account outside of Japan. We are considering how to deal with this, and we will inform you on Twitter and other social platforms, once we have new information.

In cluster, “Craft Items” used in “World Craft” to create worlds in-cluster and “Accessories” equipable on avatars can be self-made and sold. The articles below provide guides from creation to publishing in the store.

By using the “Product Display Item” introduced in this article, you can open the store page from your world created with Unity.
In other words, you can create a world promoting and selling your craft items and accessories on the spot!

Today, we will explain how to use Product Display Items.

Updating the Cluster Creator Kit

First, in order to use Product Display Items, you need a 1.18.0 or later version of the Cluster Creator Kit.

Easy Set Up with Prefabs

We have prepared a prefab for those who would like to use Product Display Items fast. By using this, you can easily place one into your world.

Placing the “ProductDisplayItem”

  • From the folders listed on the left, below “Project”, select “Packages > Cluster Creator Kit >PackageResources > Prefabs”
    • NOTE: It is not in the “Assets” folder, so please be careful!
  • There is a “ProfuctDisplayItem” prefab so drag & drop this to wherever you like

Set Up Craft Item/Accessory ID for the Product You Want to Sell

With that done, you only need to set your Craft Item or Accessory!

  • From the cluster website, copy the Craft Item ID you would like to sell
  • On Unity, select the “ProductDisplayItem” and from the Inspector, paste the ID in “Product ID” of “Product Display Item”
  • Now you’re done! If a cube is displayed when you click Preview, you were successful!

You must upload your world to check whether the item is properly displayed.

In order to sell your item, you must “publish” your Craft Item or Accessory in the store. The steps are provided in this article.

The front profile of the Product Display Item is the local z-axis (the direction the blue arrow points towards)!

Make a Product Display Item from Scratch

Using the prefab is the most simple way, however, you can also create the component from scratch!

Prepare the Object You Want to Set Up

  • First, right-click on Hierarchy to “Create Empty” or from the upper window, go to “GameObject > Create Empty” to set up an empty GameObject.
  • Make another GameObject and make one the parent GameObject
    • This will be GameObject to determine the position the item is displayed so make the name “ProductDisplayRoot”

Set “ProductDisplayItem” Component

Now onto setting up the “ProductDisplayItem”!

  • From the created GameObject, select the parent GameObject and from the Inspector, select “Add Component” to add the “ProductDisplayItem”
  • You can set up the “Product ID” and “ProductDisplayRoot” in “ProductDisplayItem”
    • “Product ID” is the string explained in the prior section to set the item you would like to sell
    • In “Product Display Root”, set the GameObject you titled “ProductDisplayRoot”

Now you’re done! If the cube is displayed like the prior section, you were successful!

There is no need for the Product Display Item to be set on a table, you can be creative. Place them as you intend users to use these items and accessories.

Also, depending on the world, you can show your items like it’s an exhibition!

Depending on how you promote your products, users might want to buy them.
For those who have a home world, try placing your own items and experiment with this feature!