Turn Illustrations And Photos Into Craft Items To Use In World Craft!

We understand you would like to place your own illustrations and photos into your world on World Craft!

It is possible to upload models of your illustrations and photos as Craft Items. Today, we will go through how to do so!

⚠️ Craft Item textures are automatically optimized (for smoother operation) and displayed so graphics may be lower than the original image. For restrictions on Craft Items, please refer to this.

We will be using a photo taken in @crypto_hsp’s “Weather rain” as an example

Use Craft Items You Have Uploaded Without Publishing in the Store

You do not need to “Publish” the Craft Items you upload if you only intend on using them privately (i.e. your own worlds).

In other words, just by uploading your Craft Items, you are able to use them in World Craft. You can use them immediately so you can make modifications as you progress with your world creation.

Use Craft Items You Have Uploaded Without Publishing in the Store

Import Illustrations and Photos into Unity

Now, let’s begin importing your illustration or photo into Unity.

In this article, the sample project below will be used. You are free to prepare your own image, but we recommend you practice using this sample.

When using this sample, it is necessary for the illustration or photo to be in square form.
If not a square, the scale automatically changes. If you would like to use a different format (e.g. 16:9, etc.), please refer to the later section!

The procedure is simple, and we have an explanation below.

  • Drag & drop your illustration or photo into Unity’s Project column
  • We will be using an already provided material
    • Access “Assets > ClusterWorkshopSample_item > Sample > Assets > ClusterTutorial > Materials” and select “Canvas” to display the Inspector
    • Click left of “Albedo” in Inspector to select the image you would like to use as the texture

Your image should be displayed on the Canvas!

  • If you are creating one from scratch, “Right Click> Create > Material” in Project to create a new Material, and then follow the same procedure as the above.

You finished setting it up!If you would like to create a frame-like item, it is recommended to use the asset in https://creator.cluster.mu/cck-worldcreatetutroial-exhibition/.

Follow the guide provided in the article below to upload your model as a Craft Item!

For Those Unsatisfied with Their Model

Does it NEED to be a Square?

For this sample, since the object displaying the photo or illustration was a square, it needed to be a square.

“UVs” are used when displaying an image onto an object. How the image is displayed depends on the shape of this “UV”.
For example, the UV of the sample we used is as below.

The image will be displayed properly by fitting your image inside the yellow outline.
Images may not be displayed as intended if the image goes over the outline since they are automatically compressed.

In other words, by changing the shape of the UV, you are able to display images as you wish.

How do I Match the UV Size to My Image?

By using a modeling tool such as Blender and preparing a model and UV as the same shape as your image, you are able to do so.

We will use Blender for the guide.

  • First, create a 16:9 object
  • Using the Edit Mode, select the surface you would like to display
  • Adjust your perspective from “View>Viewpoint” to display the surface from the front
  • Select “UV > Project from View” with the surface you want to display facing forward
  • Below the Blender icon on the upper left, select “UV Editor” and display the UV
  • Have the UV enlarged on the Editor
  • If you want to adjust the image based on the UV, turn your UV into an image from “UV > Export UV Layout”.

By using this method, you can turn your illustrations and photos into any shape if it is a flat surface.
Please experiment with this!